We help parents find the right schools in Miami.



Valeria Avirett, our local Miami School Advisor will work with your to design a personalized school plan for your child. Through this executive consultancy service, parents can obtain an evaluation and an action plan based on specific criteria provided by the parents. The School Concierge provides the following support:

  • Family Interview and Evaluation

  • Personalized School Plan

  • Deadline Management

  • School Visits / Tours (when possible)

  • Follow-Up Support

  • Check Lists for Parents

In addition, we can also assist with the following:

  • Admissions process and school application support - ideal for applicants from overseas

  • Support with additional needs and special requests (ESOL tutors, translation services, testing support, tutors, summer camps, medical records etc). Contact us below for pricing and details:


    Call us (305) 709-2610