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The Daunting Miami-Dade County School District


The Miami-Dade County Public School district is the fourth largest school district in the United States and the largest in the state of Florida, servicing over 350,000 students. According to the Miami-Dade County Public Schools website, there are 392 public schools in our county.

We know for a fact that Miami-Dade County schools are all not the same.

The most popular type of public schools in Miami are those that feature Magnet Programs, which offer a unique course or track to further develop a student’s interest, talents or abilities. These schools are often referred as School of Choice, as families can opt to apply regardless of home location or geographic boundaries. Admission is open to those that meet a criteria and/or secure a space through a lottery. Going through the Magnet Schools Application process alone can feel overwhelming and hopeless.


Miami also offers a variety of highly ranked Charter Schools, which are fully recognized as public schools and where education is also free. They are operated or listed as nonprofit organizations, and they are often run by an independent or private groups made out of parents, teachers, universities and/or institutions. Charter Schools have their own unique application process and admission criteria, which is often lottery based with some limited preference given to families living in proximity of the school.

Private Schools

The private school sector is just as diverse. Whether parents seek Elementary, Middle or High School options, families should also consider a private education. The decision to opt for the private route will highly depend on your child’s needs and special interests, as well as your family’s values and preferences. More importantly, choosing to go the private school route will highly depend on your allocated budget for education.

Many Private schools in Miami offer a variety of specialized programs and dynamic curriculums. Our input can include schools with alternative teaching methods, religious affiliations or interests, as well as schools that offer classes for children with special needs or learning disabilities.

Special Needs

Whether you seek a personalized teaching environment for a child that needs it, or would like to have programs that offer the tools to maximize your child’s abilities, we can help you find a the ideal environment.

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