1. how can i hire you?

Get in touch with us online or via email at info@miamischooladvisors.com

2. When is the best time to apply to schools?

You need to start your research early. We recommend looking at schools 18 months before the start of the school year. Some schools have rolling admissions, while others have early application deadlines.

In the case of preschool you should start your search even earlier.

3.Can everyone apply to miami-dade county public schools?

Everyone can apply to Miami Dade County’s School of Choice program which includes Magnet and non-Magnet schools. The Magnet Programs tend to be the preferred ones, as they offer specialized education and many schools received the best rankings in the district.

4. what are some of the pros of public education and applying to public schools?

Biggest benefit: FREE Education, paid through tax payers money.

Miami has some phenomenal schools that offer competitive education with emphasis in specific subject areas and interest. Schools offering an international Program are especially popular, as children are immersed in bilingual and bicultural programs that go beyond one hour per day of foreign language education.

5. What are some cons of applying/GOING to a public school?

If you are considering a School of Choice / Magnet schools, these are extremely competitive with very low acceptance rates especially in popular grades (such as 1st, 6th, 9th grade). However, it is possible!

Parents often feel that the public system is test/homework heavy. Test performance on state tests is directly correlated to the school’s rating.

Because public and charter schools depend on public funding, at times the school’s infrastructure and/or resources may be limited.

6. what are some of the pros of private schools?

Resources, support and almost always outstanding infrastructure and a balanced curriculum, as they set their own pace. You get what you pay for.

7. What are some cons of applying/GOING to a private school?

Miami offers some great school options and a very competitive school environment. Private schools are just as competitive, especially in the higher grades. Cost tends to be a big factor to take into consideration.

8. Can you HOOK IT UP AND get my kid in a school?

We are a resource - a supplier of information, tips, anecdotes and knowledge. Our service does not guarantee that your child will be admitted at a particular school. However, we can share what we know and make the school application process much smoother for a family.