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Miami School Advisors help parents find the right school for their children. 


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Our consulting services are available for families seeking Elementary, Middle and High School advice and support in Miami.


We help you with the school search from A-Z. Ideal for busy parents or families relocating domestically or from abroad. We get to know you and we prepare a personalized school plan with options. We can book school tours and assist with all aspects of the school selection process. We can also guide you through the admission process.


The most comprehensive School Guide available, offering information on private, public and charter schools in the most popular areas of Miami. Features 100+ schools and provides an objective overview. Available December 2019.

We were very impressed with Valeria’s professionalism and enthusiasm...she was very well prepared
— Family Relocating from Belgium, Seeking High School 2019

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We stand out.

We are local. Our insight is validated by direct feedback from local parents. We have access to a strong network of families who have shared their experiences about the schools we recommend.

We care. We have visited and toured these schools, met with their staff and walked their hallways and classrooms.

We take this personal. We have made this journey ourselves, having researched and applied for many of the schools in Miami.

Our services include preschool guidance and K-12 insight, including private and public schools with emphasis in the most popular neighborhoods in Miami, including but not limited to Brickell, Downtown Miami, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Pinecrest, South Miami and even some portions of Aventura, Miami Shores, Edgewater/Midtown/Wynwood, among others. We also offer assistance for exceptional students and families seeking specialized education for students with unique learning abilities.


Every parent in Miami has experienced the frustrations of finding the ideal school for their children. We know this from our own personal experience - we have been researching and applying for schools the last five years.

There is simply too much information scattered all over the internet, in magazines, publications and sponsored outlets. There is not one central place where school information can be sourced, or where rankings and objective reviews can be accessed.

As you begin your search, you will hear varying opinions from friends and acquaintances, and often read biased school reviews in public forums, Facebook groups or message boards.

Our job is to cut through the clutter and present you the information in a precise and objective way, so you can spend your time enjoying your family and not stressing about making the right decision for your child.

We make the school search process easy and objective.

Contact us today at to explore these options and learn about our pricing options.

Valeria provided amazing support to identify best neighborhoods and schedule meetings with shortlisted public schools...
— Family relocating from Brazil, 2018